We ship glitter to the people you dislike.

One letter, endless frustration. For only $4.99 we guarantee that your enemies will get glitter everywhere.

Our Process

We're making a heroic sacrifice. These things gets all over our working space.


We really dislike glitter. It's in our clothes, hair, under the sofa and how many times you ever vacuum that carpet there's still glitter left.

Now you can spread this wonderful experience to a person you dislike. It may be your neighbor, your boss, or that idiot next door who can't keep his TV sound down.

Just pay us and provide and address, and we will make sure that the person will be blessed with glitter in their house for months to come. We will send it in an envelope, together with a note describing how much their life is going to suck. The glitter will be hidden within the note, guaranteeing maximum spread as the victim opens to read it.


Yes. We even made a website and paid a guy to program it.
You scroll down and provide us the address and name, then you buy through PayPal.
$4.99 for anywhere in the world.
You can do it yourself if you want. But then you have to handle the glitter, making your own house full of glitter. We thought you were going to send your enemies glitter?

buy now

Your money - transformed into glitter and hate. Just enter the recipient name and address, pay with PayPal, and the glitter will be on it's way.

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